Friday, October 07, 2005

No fashion sense

Yesterday,Lillianna and I went through the clothes that a friend of mine gave us from her daughter. She always buys the best of things and Lillianna loves to see what "new" clothes Maggie has sent her. One pair of jeans was a little too long and the butt was tighter than I would've liked. Of course Lillianna shrieked,"I love these jeans!"

I didn't feel like they were appropriate. Who thinks an 8 year old needs to be wearing tight jeans? Not me! She said she'd only wear them in the house. I told Rich that they were never to be worn outside.....ever.
Then today,she tried on a cute shirt. Well,it was cute until she put it on. The neckline was way too low. Way too low.

I could see by the look on Lillianna's face that she knew it wasn't a keeper. She immediately pulled the shirt up so that it wasn't so low. "It's fine," she said. I shook my head and said,"Sorry babe. It's gotta go." Lillianna pulled the shirt up again. "MOM! It's fine. It's not too low." I laughed and said,"Tell me the truth. You knew it was too low before I said anything,right? I could see it in your face." She smiled and confessed,"Ya. I knew. Ok mom." She took it off and threw it in the "donate" pile.

This happened a few more times with shirts that just didn't fit right. After the third shirt that Lillianna wanted to keep but I said no to,she sighed and said,"Sometimes I think you don't know anything about fashion!"

That may be true,but I do know what is inappropriate for an 8 year old to wear. Those clothes will not be hanging in my child's closet.

What fashion limits do you set for your children? How do they react to that?

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