Sunday, October 16, 2005

Idiots are protesting the American Girl Dolls

I couldn't believe it even after I read this article.
I am all for empowering girls. I thought that meant that you taught young girls that they could be anything and that they could do anything that they set their minds to. You know,giving them power.You can see the word power right in the middle of the word empowerment.

I would think that empowering young girls would include helping them to make the right choices in their young years and when they are older.You know,giving them the tools and the confidence to say,"This is my life and I can decide for myself." Shouldn't this include all choices?

Apparently,it doesn't.The protestors don't like the fact that American Girl supports abortion and homosexuality. I am not pro abortion but I am pro choice. My decision may not be your decision but we are each entitled to make the choice that is right for each of us.

What's wrong with being a lesbian? If Lillianna tells me she is a lesbian one day,will I love her any less than I do now? Hell no!! That's my baby and I love her unconditionally!

I am all for GIRL EMPOWERMENT. In my opinion,these protestors need to go get a life or maybe play with a doll or something.

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