Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Call her Charlene

Lillianna and I were chatting over breakfast about my Nana. (Lillianna is named after my Nana and Rich's Nana who were both named Lillian.)Lillianna said,"I wish I could've met your Nana." With tears in my eyes I said,"I wish you could've too. She would've loved you." Then I thought for a moment and said,"But then, if she were alive when you were born and if Daddy's Nana was still alive,you wouldn't have been named Lillianna. In the Jewish tradition,you can only be named after someone who has died."

"Then what would my name have been?" she asked. "Well," I said,"I would've named you after my Dad so you would've been Charlotte or Charlene after my Dad,Charles."
Lillianna's face lit up. "I love the name Charlene. I like it better than Lillianna."

She just about broke my heart. She always says how much she loves the name Lillianna.Now she prefers Charlene? I love the name Charlene too but....her name is Lillianna!!!!!

You just can't win!

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