Sunday, March 20, 2005

Five year old child arrested in Florida

You have to read this! (For reasons unknown to me,if this link brings you to a map of the USA,click on Massachusetts then click out of the screen.Click on this link again and it should take you to the story.This is just another bizarre internet thing that makes no sense to me!! Sorry for the inconvenience.)

I am all for disciplining children who misbehave but I think removing the child from her kindergarten class in restraints and being taken to the police station is beyond ridiculous.
1.Give the kid a time-out.
2.Call the parents.
3.Send her to the principal's office.
4.Make an appointment with a therapist.
5.All of the above.

Call the police? When does that become an option for a 5 year old? Even if the child had emotional problems,I would think the first call would be to the parents. If Lillianna suddenly pitched some kind of fit in school I would hope I would get a call before the police did. I know how to handle her and can calm her down.I'm her mother,afterall.

What do you think?

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