Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tired of being a bitch

You wouldn't think I'd be tired of being a bitchy,disgruntled and petty wife since it comes so easily to me, but I am. I'm really tired of it. It takes so much energy away from the things I want to enjoy and it thoroughly exhausts me. I'm sure it hasn't made Rich's life a bowl of cherries,either. Wait....he hates cherries.....ok,let's say I haven't made his life a bag of circus peanuts.

I try not to nag and be a huge bitch because who wants to live with that? I sure don't. I'm thrilled that Rich isn't that way. The past week and a half has been worse than usual and I wonder how long I can use PMS as an excuse.

If I could just stop worrying about money and everything else that is on my mind,maybe I wouldn't be such a bitch.....It's just a theory.

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