Sunday, September 24, 2006

My faithful husband

The other night,Rich surprised me and took me out to dinner while Lillianna was at a sleep over. We had a lovely meal and I appreciated the effort that he made. We're really trying to add some romance back in our relationship.

After dinner,I mentioned that I had watched an episode of Dr.Phil earlier in the day and a husband cheated on his wife because she didn't clean the house. My loving husband declared,"I'd never cheat on you. I don't have the energy."

I looked at this man who I have been married to for almost 12 years and my mouth dropped open. In my most disbelieving voice I asked,"You mean you wouldn't cheat on me because you're too damn lazy? That's the reason?.....You're supposed to say you wouldn't cheat because I am the love of your life!"

Shocked by his own stupidity,Rich said,"No no! It came out wrong. That's not what I meant!"

Well,there's the key to a happy marriage.....a husband who is too damn lazy to cheat!

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