Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My temporary new job

Well,here I one at Kara and Peter's mortgage company. They flew off to their honeymoon this morning and I am in charge....whatever that entails.

I like it here,I really do. The callers are either people looking to purchase a home or re-finance or they are calling from a bank,lawyer's office or some other type of financial institution. They are all professional and so far,no one has been rude.

I am here for 8 work days and I am hoping I can handle anything that comes in. I will be emailing Peter at the end of every day if there are things he has to address. Other than that,Kara has trained me to do various things that may come up and I promised to do my best. They are just grateful to have me here so that they didn't have to close the office,which would be very bad for business.

Even though the commute here is horrible....way too much traffic.....I managed to arrive in 35 minutes which is only 5 more minutes than it takes to get to my other 2 jobs.

I hope I don't get too attached to this job. I may never want to leave it.

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