Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome to my delicious smelling bathroom!

Ever since I was a child,whenever I came home from playing at a friend's house,my mother always asked me how their bathroom was. I always made sure to check it out because I knew there would be a quiz when I walked in the door. If,G-d forbid,I came home and told her the bathroom was not clean,I was never allowed back to that house. If it was a good friend,I prayed they had a maid or a mom who really loved to clean!

Mom kept our bathroom sparkling clean. It was always immaculate.I get so frustrated when I realize I am not my mom and will never have that kind of bathroom.
Oh,Rich and I clean it on a regular basis but it doesn't have that just cleaned,paper banner across the toilet seat, stamp of approval that you get in a nice hotel. That's the kind of bathroom I grew up with.

I guess that's why I am obsessed with air fresheners and candles:not to mask the smell of an unclean bathroom but to enhance the clean smell that tells the world that I am a caring person because my bathroom is so inviting.

I have tried so many air freshners in the past and I have been quite disappointed. A recent purchase was one of the plug ins that is supposed to add a lovely scent to the room for 30 days. Try 30 minutes......or less. Even pulling out the gel pack and inhaling deeply didn't release any apple blossom smell. I was quite unhappy. My bathroom smelled.....empty,except for the minty freshness of our toothpaste. That wasn't quite the scent I was going for.

The other day,I was in the supermarket,looking at all the air fresheners.....again! As I was reading the back of one of them,a woman came by and put 5 of these air fresheners in her cart. I asked her if they really worked. "Oh yes," she said. "I use these all the time in my office bathroom at work. I get lots of compliments on how wonderful the bathroom smells......and it lasts a long time." I thanked her and bought this.

Now my bathroom smells of tropical fruity goodness. It's a pleasure to just walk in there for no reason at all. My bathroom tells you a lot about me. It shows I love my family enough to give them a tropical atmosphere in which to pee and poop. I am such a good mom and wife.

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