Monday, September 25, 2006

The Brownie update

After all of this craziness,I finally got a call today that Lillianna is in the troop that I wanted to get her into. Three of her good friends are in this troop and apparently,they go on all kinds of fun trips.

I got an email from the troop leader today explaining about this huge trip to New York in June. It said each girl has to sell an average of 400 boxes of cookies! Whatever we don't sell,we have to pay out of pocket for the trip which is $400 per mom and daughter. Where the heck am I gonna come up with that kind of money? We have never come close to selling that amount of cookies.

If you live in my area,please,oh please by a box of cookies from my child who is desperate to go on this trip.....400 boxes......are they serious?

How many boxes of cookies does your Brownie have to sell?

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