Thursday, September 21, 2006

Try to remember my name

Writing the post about Kara and her new name reminded of this story.

About a year after I was married,Kara called me at work and left a message with one of the secretaries for me to call her back. The secretary gave me the message and said,"By the way,I thought you'd want to know that she asked for Robin G____."
I laughed. I hadn't been Robin G_____ for a year.

I called Kara back and got her answering machine. I left the following message.

Hi Kara.
This is your sister,Robin P____.
I'm not sure if you remember this but last November,Rich and I had a really big party and we invited our friends and family.
There was lots of food and dancing.

I wore a long,poofy white dress with a veil and Rich was in a snappy black ensemble.
You and some of my friends wore aqua and black velvet gowns. Sound familiar?

Well,during this ceremony,Rich and I said some mushy stuff to each other and gold jewelry was exchanged. At this time,I had a name change. I am no longer Robin G____.
Please try to remember that the next time you call.
Thank you.
Your sister,
Robin P_____.

When she called me back she was laughing and said,"Ya,ya. I get it!"

I just love that girl!

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