Monday, September 18, 2006

Should being a Brownie,be this difficult?

Two years ago,after several phone calls to the Girl Scouts of America in our area which resulted in leaving 5 voice mail messages for people who would not call me back, I gave up trying to get Lillianna into a Brownie troop in our town. The website referred me to the phone number,"If you know your party's extension....." Ya, well....I DIDN'T! I couldn't get a live person on the line.

The Boy Scouts had a recruiting table at Lillianna's open house at school but nothing for the girls. I approached the leader and he referred me to the Girl Scout number that I had already called. Everywhere I went was a dead end. Maybe if I had known the secret handshake.....?

In the end,I signed her up for a troop 2 towns away. My friend,Janet was one of the troop leaders and her daughter,Emily was in that troop. Lillianna loved Brownies these past two years but now,Emily is a Girl Scout and Janet stopped being a troop leader. I decided to try to get Lillianna in a troop in our town.....Again.

I sent in the application with the $10 fee back in May. A few weeks ago,I got an email saying she was in a Wednesday troop at 6:00pm. On the application I specifically said she could not meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I work Tuesday nights and Lillianna dances from 4:00pm-5:30pm on Wednesdays. If she joined that troop there would be no time to eat dinner or do her homework.

I emailed back and asked for Monday or Thursday. The reply came that she could be in the Monday troop. This morning,my friend,Sheri told me that she got word that Lillianna was in her troop with her daughter. I breathed a sigh of relief. It didn't even register in my brain when she said it was 1st and 2nd graders. I forgot Lillianna was in 3rd grade.

Sheri checked her roster for me this afternoon and said ALL the girls are 1st graders except the one second grader,her daughter,and the one and only 3rd grader,Lillianna. I was not happy. Lillianna will be nine in 2 weeks. The next oldest is Sheri's daughter who just turned seven. All the others must be 5 and 6.

Of course I sent another email today and the reply said that if enough people sign up tomorrow night,they may start another troop. I think it sucks.
This is ridiculous. Lillianna doesn't want to be with 1st graders and I don't blame her. She should be able to be with girls her own age.

I hate Brownies. It's too damn frustrating!

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