Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We're just kids at heart

Over the past few months I have occasionally caught Rich on a website that had me a bit concerned at first. Oh,it wasn't porn or a single's chat so I guess I should be relieved that I don't have that kind of husband. The sounds from the computer had me curious so I looked to see what he was playing. I laughed when I realized he was playing baseball on the Build-A-Bear website. That's where Lillianna likes to play.

How can you be mad at an innocent thing like that? I suppose I shouldn't have made fun of him because in the past week,I have been hooked on the games in the Webkinz website. Ya,they're kid games but they're really kind of fun.

I chalk this up to the inferior games that we had as kids. I grew up in the age when Etch-a-sketch was a miracle toy. Hey it was super if you only wanted to make straight lines in every direction. That got boring after a few minutes,though. That's when you had to turn to Spirograph. That provided hours of endless fun.

When I was in my late teens,Kara got Atari. Mom and Dad made her promise she'd play with it and not get sick of it. She swore if she got it she would play with it all the time. "All the time" equaled about one month. Dad liked the poker game. I liked the clown that bonked his head and died every time I made a wrong move. I know,that's kind of sick.

My point is,we missed out on cool computer games. So,if Rich and I occasionally play a kid game on one of Lillianna's favorite websites it's 'cuz we're just kids at heart.

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