Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Exploitation" vs "just acting"

I'm not a big movie goer but this story intrigued me.

Should a 12 year old actress play the part of a rape victim in a movie or is she just too young? It seems people are in an uproar about Dakota Fanning's latest role.
Personally,knowing that a 12 year old girl is raped in this movie,I'd never ever go see it. I can't stand anything about rape or abuse.

Yes,I know it happens and not acknowledging these movies won't make it go away but I don't find watching it to be enjoyable at all. Not even if there is a wonderful message at the end of it.

The article said that as children, Jodi Foster and Brooke Shields both played roles considered inappropriate for a child their age.

Do you think a 12 year old should play a rape victim? Is this a movie you would go to see?

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