Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New kid on the blog

My friend,Lisa,just started her own blog today. I wish that Lisa was my sister-in-law but she's actually my sister Kara's sister-in-law. Our families blended so well in this marriage that we are one big happy family whether we are related or not. We're very lucky!

Lisa's husband,TC(Peter's brother) was the best man in Kara and Peter's wedding so we walked down the aisle together since I was the matron of honor.Lillianna is still quoting TC's wedding speech. He is an unbelievable story teller.We were all mesmerized. TC is very funny and interesting but Lisa rolls her eyes at him just like I roll my eyes at Rich. Hey,they're men. What else can ya do?

Their son,Trent,is the love of everyone's life. He is sweet and charming and Lillianna loves him. He is also a big fan of hers even though there is a 6 year age difference.He's only 3. Either way,we all adore him. I'll have to write about New Year's Eve and how funny he was the other night.

TC is going back to Iraq which I just found out Sunday night. I was devastated. I think Lisa is handling it better than I did. I had everyone praying for him when he was there a couple of years ago so the prayers will have to begin again soon.

Please pop over and welcome Lisa to the blog world. She is amazing and funny and an awesome photographer.

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