Sunday, January 21, 2007

American Idol is the new Gong Show

Every one is making a big deal out of this season's American Idol. Yes,Simon is a bit nastier than in previous seasons but is he really that much different?

I look at it this way,you'd have to live in a cave,high on a mountain on another planet to not know what the AI auditions are like. Even if you're not a fan of this show,you must've seen it at least once. If you're planning on auditioning for AI,I would hope you researched the previous 5 seasons so that you know what you are in for. If you are completely clueless then you get what you deserve!

Even though some of these people say they are serious,I believe they are just looking for their 30 seconds of fame. Some are so horrendous,they should be ashamed to audition. If their friends and family are encouraging them,they need to get new friends and break away from their family. They know the truth but they won't spare you the public humiliation by telling you. These are not good people! Run away!!

I don't think that AI is any worse than the Gong Show was back in the 70s. Sometimes,an act would be performed and after one second they'd get the gong from one of the celebrity judges. Like the people who audition for AI,being rejected and humiliated is really part of the whole package. The Gong Show contestants knew that but for some reason,the AI contestants are shocked,angry and vindictive when they basically get the gong.

What is the difference? I just think there is more drama in 2007 than there was in 1976. People are more outrageous and the chance that a horrible audition may be shown over and over during the AI season or maybe even get a quick spot on the nightly news,is enough to get these untalented people in the spotlight. They crave attention.

Since AI is not a beauty contest,I believe that Simon should not criticize someone's outward appearance. These crazy people who sing horrific songs completely out of key or not even in any Earthly recognizable key, get what they deserve.

I can't sing. I know I can't. That's why you won't see me in any AI audition. Even if I wasn't 16 years over the age limit,I'd still never humiliate myself like that.

So,I will continue to watch AI because I find it funny and fascinating. Randy will always "Yo,yo,yo." Simon will always be an honest nasty bastard and Paula will appear high or intoxicated because she probably is. That's the show. That's why we watch it.

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