Monday, January 08, 2007

The stray eyebrow

I don't understand the growth pattern of my eyebrows. I really don't. I check them every day to make sure nothing odd is growing out of there but then,when I least expect it,I see it....that one eyebrow that is 5 inches longer than all the rest!

I fluff my eyebrow with my fingers and this Ripley's Believe It Or Not eyebrow hair is staring me in the face. When fluffed,this hair practically reaches my chin. Where the heck has it been hiding all this time? It's not curly so it couldn't have doubled up and snuck behind a shorter hair to keep out of sight. I find this to be quite perplexing.

The reality is,after I pluck it,another long hair will appear a couple of days later.
I want to know why only one hair is so unbelievably long and where does it go when I am looking for it?

Do you have any long eyebrow hairs?

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