Sunday, January 28, 2007

The big four-OH!

Today is Rich's 40th birthday. To think,he was a young lad of 26 when we first met. My how time does fly.

Rich kept going back and forth about what he wanted to do on this special day. As of yesterday,we were planning to go out for breakfast this morning and then around 12:30pm,Kara,Peter and Cody(my favorite furry chocolate lab nephew)were coming over for cake.

Last night at 10pm,Gary called to ask what we were doing today. Rich told him we were having cake around 1pm so he came over with Kristy and Jerry. Sal and his 5 year old daughter,Samantha also joined the party. (Rich and Sal do an internet radio show on ) I hadn't seen Samantha since her 1st birthday. She is just a precious and lovely little girl. She had so much fun with Lillianna.

So,Rich's un-birthday turned into a wonderful day for all of us.

Happy 40th birthday,honey!

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