Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mom is home to visit!

Mom flew in from Florida yesterday and she stayed at Kara's last night. There's no point in opening her house for the 9 days she is here so she will bounce back and forth between me and Kara although,Kara gets the better deal since I work on the weekends but any time I can spend with Mom is fine with me. She's been gone since Halloween and it's hard for all of us when Mom flies south for the winter.

We've always been a very close family so it was tough when Mom and John bought a condo around 8 years ago and decided to spend the winters in Florida. Kara and I want Mom to be happy so we just deal with it but there are always tears when it's time for her to leave. Kara used to mock me when I cried but she gets teary now too so the mocking has stopped! Even Mom says,"Kara used to be my easy one. What happened?" I always tell Mom,"We can't help it if we love you!"

Mom is a wonderful cook so of course she asked me what I want her to make while she is here. I love her cabbage soup with meat so she has agreed to make that today. She stopped at her house for her pizzelle maker so that she and Lillianna can whip up some delicious cookies tonight. Lillianna and Rich love those cookies and for a Jewish woman,Mom makes a heck of an Italian cookie!

More than anything,I just enjoy being with Mom. In fact,everyone loves being with my mother. She is kind and loving and she is everything a mom and nana should be.

Hopefully she will be here in an hour. I can't wait to see her!

Do you have a close relationship with your mom?

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