Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lunch time

Wednesdays are tough for Rich. He works from 9:30am-6:00pm then he drives 30 minutes to a meditation class. After that,he drives about 45 minutes to do his online radio show with his friend Sal on bunkradio from 9pm-11pm. He usually stays for the next show that ends at 1am and by the time all is said and done,he gets home around 1:45am. It's a long day and he has to take everything that he will need for the whole day and night with him when he leaves the house at 9am.

This morning,he took his back pack with a change of clothes and 2 bags of trash that I asked him to throw in the dumpster on his way out. As he turned to lock the door behind him,he put the hanger from his shirt in his mouth and said,"I feel like a fish!" I had to laugh. He did look like a fish with a hook in his mouth. Somehow he managed to lock the door and off he went.

Fifteen minutes later I noticed Lillianna's girl scout cookie order on the table. Rich wanted to take it to work today since his co-workers wanted to buy some cookies. I sighed that he had forgotten it two days in a row and then I noticed that the cookie order was sitting on top of his lunch box! All his food for the day was in there and there was no extra money to take out from the ATM. He had to have this lunch!

When I called him on his cell phone he yelled something unrepeatable but then he calmed down when he realized he had to make a delivery in our town this morning. He said he'd drop by to pick up his lunch. Problem solved.

At 12:30pm he popped in and decided to grab a snack. I have to go food shopping so there wasn't much to choose from but he managed to grab 2 mini brown sugar cinnamon bagels and 2 small bottles of water. With half a bagel in his mouth he kissed me good-bye and headed out the door. He was just about to leave when I noticed the lunch box was still on the table!

I rolled my eyes and asked,"Did you want your lunch?" He looked stunned and then we laughed. I shook my head and said,"Well,I had nothing to blog about until now."
As long as there are husbands there will always be posts to write.

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