Monday, October 30, 2006

Let's pretend Halloween doesn't exist?

On the drive home from school today,Lillianna said,"Mrs.W said we have to pretend that Halloween doesn't exist tomorrow." Doesn't exist? Are we going straight from October 30th to November 1st? Does that mean I have the night off from work tomorrow if October 31st doesn't exist?

I asked her why and she said the teacher said it would be too distracting. Let's flash back to my days in 3rd grade.......

When I was 9 years old back in 1972,we looked forward to this spooky holiday the minute school started in September. (We never started school in August before Labor Day. It was unheard of!!) By the end of September,kids were already thinking about their costume and asking their parents to buy their favorite candies to give out.

There were planned parties in school.Every mom sent in creative baked treats and candy. Yes,they actually encouraged us to bring in some candy to school. Can you imagine such a thing? (Lillianna's school has banned candy all year since it's not a healthy snack.)

Sometimes,in my elementary school,we got to go into different classrooms to show them our costumes and then they'd come into ours. It was exciting and fun. We all had butterflies in our stomach anticipating the thrill of going trick-or-treating at night.

Were we distracted because of Halloween when I was in 3rd grade? Probably. We were distracted with being kids who were filled with excitement and joy. I will never understand how that is a bad thing.

Will one day of distraction ruin my child's learning ability? I can't see how it possibly could. Am I going to ask her to pretend Halloween doesn't exist tomorrow?
Hell no! She can still wear her pumpkin shirt,black pants and pumpkin earrings to school. She has worn that at least once a week this month to celebrate Halloween.

I talked to my friend,Sheri, about this today since our daughters are in the same school. She said some parents believe Halloween is all about satan. I said,"If you think sugar is the devil then maybe you have a point!" We both laughed. We think Halloween is a fun holiday and it's a shame that kids can't go to school in costume or have parties anymore.

Is Halloween banned in your child's school?

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