Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cutie-pie pet names

I'll be the first to admit that Rich and I have several dozen pet names that we call Lillianna. We go through phases of using one or two names for a while then we suddenly come up with a new one and the old ones are history. Every now and then we'll fall back on an old name and sigh when we remember when we used to use that name all the time.

Our first name for her was Moon Pie. Her face looked like a cute little round moon on my ultra sound and that name stuck for quite a while after she was born.
I won't bore you with the long list of names we have used over the past 9 years but they've all been loving and sweet:Pumpkin Wumpkin,Lilly-pop,Rosebud,Poozle,Boo-boo and many,many more. For the past year,I have taken to calling her Noodle. I'm not sure if that has a lot to do with my pasta addiction or not but one day,the name just popped out.

That being said,when I read this article,I wanted to puke.
I realize that Michael Jackson is a complete psychopath but who the hell calls his precious daughter "Blanket"??? How is blanket a nick name? It's a warm covering....something to snuggle in.

Yuck!! I didn't mean to but I just made myself sick!! Who knows why this pedophile calls his daughter Blanket? If anyone has the answer,please don't tell me!!!!

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