Monday, October 02, 2006

Why this day is important

October 2nd......What an interesting date.

When I went for my first ob/gyn check up in February 1997,Nannette,my midwife,told me that my baby would be due on October 2nd. I nearly fell out of the stirrups and onto the floor. How could this be? How could two important events happen on the exact same date?

She asked me why I looked so stunned and I said,"I met my husband on October 2nd in 1993. I can't believe our baby is due on the same day. What are the odds?"
(Ok,clearly the odds were 1 in 365 but was still amazing.)

October 2, 1993 is the date that Rich and I have inscribed in our wedding bands.We were married on November 5th of the following year but the way that we looked at it was the wedding was the date of our really big party but October 2nd was the truly important day....the day we met and our lives changed forever.

October 2,1997 also changed our lives forever. It was exactly on my 40 week due date that I went into labor. On October 3rd at 4:59am,Lillianna made her appearance into our lives and our world has never been the same.

Happy 13th anniversary to my dear husband who has put up with a lot of my bitchiness lately. There is no one else in this entire universe that I would want to be married to in spite of my recent threat to take the child and leave the country and go back to Israel.

Happy almost birthday to our precious daughter,Lillianna Rose. This is your very last day of being 8! Wait 'til you see what Daddy and I bought you.......Just one more day!

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