Friday, October 27, 2006

Just say no to underpants!

When I read this article,I rolled my eyes. I am so sick and tired of stupid school rules. Isn't it bad enough they've banned tag in elementary schools because it's too violent?

The article states that the 3 teens were not at all naked. They were in tan body suits which revealed nothing! How is that different from all the years of wearing a black body suit and dressing up as a mouse or bat or any other character that requires a body suit? Was it the offensive underpants??

Raise your hand if you have never ever seen someone dress up as baby new year? I've seen it a million times and I can assure you that the guy in the costume was not wearing a body suit of any kind!!....just a hat and a big old diaper. No one was ever booted out of school because it's freakin' Halloween,people!!!
Lighten the hell up,already!

All the fun I had as a child and teen has been sucked out of the atmosphere. Someone is always "Johnny on the spot" and ready to point an accusing finger at something that is now deemed wrong!

Anyone old enough to remember streakers in the 70's? If anyone did that now they'd probably be put on death row! I'm not an advocate of streaking but come on! Almost every kid is reading Captain Underpants in Lillianna's school. I don't love the book and she is more interested in The Magic Tree House but still,for some kids,it's their motivation to read.

As Susan Powter always said,"STOP THE INSANITY!"

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