Friday, October 13, 2006

One more activity

Lillianna has been asking to play basketball for the past 2 years. In our town,they start basketball in 3rd grade unless you belong to the YMCA and play on their team. We don't belong to the Y so we had to wait.

When Lillianna got the newsletter about sign ups she was so excited. I was worried that it would conflict with my work on Tuesday nights, her dance class on Wednesdays or her Brownie troop meeting on Thursdays. We were kind of limited and we just hoped for the best.

Tonight,at sign ups they said she could do either Wednesday or Friday. It's only once a week. Hooray! We don't have plans on Fridays so we signed her up. Basketball begins in December and we are all thrilled. Lillianna loves basketball and she will finally learn the skills she needs to be on a team. She practically gets the ball in the basket every time she shoots. I hope she likes being a part of a team.

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