Thursday, October 26, 2006

I used to be so hot!

It's true. I guess you could call me a real hottie. It's not that I'm sexier than most women,it's just that I'm always so freakin' HOT!
It's not menopause because I have been this way for as long as I can remember. When everyone is freezing,I'm in short sleeves and wondering if I can turn the heat down before I pass out!

I usually wear short sleeves even in blizzard weather because once I go indoors, I'M HOT! I am cold when I'm outside, it's just being inside that makes me sweat.

In the past two days,I've been cold....cold to the bone.No matter what I do,I can't seem to get warm.This morning after my shower,I turned on the heat lamp and warmed up for 5 minutes so that I could stop shaking. Since it's so odd for me to ever be cold,I tend to worry when this happens.

Last year,right before I went into the hospital,Lillianna and I were swimming in a heated pool in Florida and I was shivering. I couldn't get warm no matter what I did. I swam and jumped and ran in place and my insides were like ice cubes. I would rather be hot than cold so that feeling is really horrible for me. I hate it.

I've been wearing my one and only pair of long sleeved jammies in the past few nights but I put them in the wash yesterday and tonight,I was freezing.FREEZING! I rarely wear warm jammies because in the middle of the night,I get so hot,I have to change into something with short sleeves. Tonight,I needed something warm.

I went through Rich's drawers and closet and found his Mr.Bubble cotton pants and a nice snuggly ribbed shirt. Ya,I could win Bag Lady of the year with this outfit but it's really warm and that's all I care about. So now I am heading into bed and I hope I keep warm. I really have to get myself a new pair of pajamas tomorrow!

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