Friday, October 06, 2006

In just 20 minutes.....

......14 little 8 and 9 year olds will be coming to Lillianna's sleep over party.
Did I mention we live in a 2 bedroom apartment?

Some have called me brave. Others have called me insane. I'll let you know which is the best description tomorrow morning if I survive it all.

We have 6 Papa Ginos pizzas,fried ravioli and cinnamon sticks arriving at 6:45pm.
Lillianna picked out Brother Bear 2 and Chicken Little for tonight's entertainment.
Each child will decorate 2 Funfetti cupcakes:one to eat here and one to take home.
It's kind of a cake and a craft all in one. Every time I plan a craft we run out of time. Everyone loves a craft you can eat,right? So this is the perfect thing to do.

I bought a ton of microwave popcorn to go along with the movies and a pound of butter since many of them love their popcorn dripping in fat. I'm not their nutritionist or their mom so I let them have what they want. Hey,it's a party!

Tomorrow morning,I have cinnamon buns planned for breakfast with plain,vanilla,chocolate or strawberry milk. I made out little lists with everyone's name on it so that Lillianna and one of her friends can play waitress and tell me what kind of milk everyone wants. They get to serve it too! Somehow,they think that is lots of fun.

I'm down to 13 minutes! They'll be here any minute.
Wish me luck.

(This is Lillianna's 4 birthday sleep over and if I must confess,I love these parties. If there is anything more sweet or innocent than little giggling girls,I don't know what it is!)

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