Saturday, July 02, 2005

Instant mashed potatoes? Who knew?

I never gave instant mashed potatoes much thought growing up. I think my mom made them when I lived at home but I can't say for sure.I do remember that my sister,Kara, was always asking me to make them for her when she was a teenager. She never had the time to follow the directions on the package. The one time she did attempt to make them, she dumped everything in the pot at once and watched as the potato flakes floated helplessly around the top of the water.

"Why won't these flakes turn into potatoes?" she demanded.

I looked into the pot,rolled my eyes and asked sweetly,"Did you read the part that said to boil the water,butter and milk first and then add the flakes?"

"I don't have time for that!" she huffed and puffed. She pushed the box at me and said, "Here. You make them," and she stomped off.

When Rich and I got married,he made it clear that he loved home-made mashed potatoes. I wanted to be a good wife,whatever that is,so when it came time to make potatoes, home-made was the way to go. Since this is a sometimes painful procedure,peeling,cutting,waiting for them to boil,then the tedious mashing, I tend to only make this side dish on special occasions.

Lillianna and I had dinner over Kara's house last weekend and she made instant mashed potatoes.(Twelve years later she is able to follow the directions. Hey wait a minute...she asked me to make them while she checked the grill outside. Hmmmmmmm!)Anyway,the simple preparation of Potato Buds got me thinking,"I could easily make these with a meal."

I bought myself a big old box yesterday when I was food shopping and then I asked Rich if he would mind the instant brand rather than home-made. He said that would be ok. They came out like soft clouds of potato goodness. Yum! Over dinner I asked,"So, you didn't mind that they were instant?"
He said,"Not at all. This is what I grew up with."

I nearly choked. He's going to be getting instant from now on!!!! Well,except for Thanksgiving. I think I can make home-made for that. It's his favorite holiday meal.

What kind of mashed potatoes do you make? Home-made or instant?

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