Friday, July 29, 2005

Mock vs real

My friend Suzie and her daughter Maddie came over on Monday for a playdate. Suzie brought seafood salad,chicken salad and egg salad for lunch. I had never really given any thought to seafood salad but I figured I would like it so I tried it. It was delicious. When I went to the store to buy some more the next day, I saw a sign that said that it was made with mock crabmeat mixed with mayonnaise,celery and lettuce. Mock crabmeat? Hmmmm. I wonder what the heck that is.

Today,I bought Chicken Of The Sea real crab in a pouch. I had a coupon so what the heck? I mixed it with mayo,celery and lettuce. It was........Fine. It didn't taste as good as the mock crab.

Now why would that be? Do you eat seafood salad? Do you prefer mock or real?

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