Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just trying to read my book in peace

My mom gave me The Passions of Chelsea Kane by Barbara Delinsky yesterday. She had read it and liked it and passed it on to me. I have picked this book up a few times in stores and in the library but never read it. Yesterday I started it and I had a hard time putting it down when I had to go to sleep.

This morning I vowed to spend a little "me time" and read my book. What was I thinking? As soon as I started to read,I realized Rich had 15 minutes to shower,eat breakfast and make lunch so I got out of my chair and made his lunch for him. He left for work at 9am and I sat on the couch to read. A few minutes later,Lillianna asked if I would help her with her blog. That required a few trips to my bedroom to read her post and then publish it. Just when I thought I could take a break,she decided to write another post. (She is not allowed to publish anything until I read it first.) So I got up again to make sure everything was ok.

Finally she was done posting. A few minutes later she came in to the living room because somehow she had rolled off her bed and hurt her arm,hip and leg when she landed on her pair of sneakers. First of all,she sleeps in a double bed. How the heck did she roll off that thing? Second of all, how did her sneakers cause multiple injuries? She's a size 12 for goodness sakes. These aren't sneakers for BigFoot! She said she needed more hugs and kisses,which I gave her,and then she was on her way.

A few minutes later she came in for a snack. I told her to eat anything she wanted. I JUST WANTED TO READ MY BOOK!

I think this is why people stay in the bathroom for so long. It's the only quiet place to read!

Do you have time to read without interruptions?

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