Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A dinner date

My mom took Lillianna last night for 2 days and 2 nights. Last night she slept over mom's house and this morning they headed down to Cape Cod to sleep at the beach house Kara and Peter have for this week. Lillianna will have fun with Lena and Bella and I will have time to myself,when I'm not working.She has never been away from home for more than one night but it will be good for all of us. She is with my family so I am not worried about her safety.

This leaves me and Rich with some bonding time. Last night was pretty low-key since we just stayed home but on my way home from work today I decided to do something fun tonight. Rich got a co-worker to switch late nights with him so he will be home at 6:30pm instead of 9pm tonight. We don't really have the money to go wild but I said, "Screw it!" and we are going out to dinner at our favorite restaurant and I am charging it on my credit card!

We never have time as a couple and on the rare occasion that we do, we don't have any money to do anything. So, I am throwing caution to the wind and we are going to have some fun. Rich will get his favorite prime rib and I will get a seafood pasta meal that I adore.....and I will indulge in a green apple martini. I haven't had one of those since last November when we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

I am going to relax for the rest of the day and then get ready for my date. I can't wait.

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