Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lillianna's first date

As you may remember,Lillianna and Zach were married during this past school year. I know they are only 7 years old but they took their marriage seriously. (Better than some married adults I know.)
On the next to last day of school,I spoke to Zach's mom,Linda,and we decided to try to get the kids together for a play date over the summer. At the beginning of this week, Zach left a message for Lillianna on our answering machine. She called him back the following day and then Linda and I confirmed their plans.

Lillianna put on her favorite skort set and sandals and then she asked me to put her hair in a ponytail.Usually she protests ribbons and bows but she did let me use the ponytail elastic with attached flowing ribbons. She looked adorable. It was a very long day with her asking me every 10 minutes,"Is it almost time to go?" At 4:30pm,Lillianna and I met Linda,Zach and his twin sister,Samantha,at Papa Gino's for pizza. After dinner,we drove down the road to the bowling alley and we let the kids bowl three strings.

They were very well behaved and the three of them had a lot of fun together. When Lillianna was bowling, Zach knelt behind her holding up the next ball for her to use. He reminded me of the prince holding the glass slipper on a pillow for Cinderella. Then Lillianna did the same thing for Zach. It was very funny to watch them.

Linda and I got a chance to chat which was a lot of fun. She is very nice and she has many of the same rules for her children that I have for Lillianna. It's always a joy to find other mothers who expect their children to behave properly and who don't let them run wild.

We were on our way home at 8:00pm and Lillianna was surprised that we had been out for 3 1/2 hours. "Wow!" she exclaimed."I guess it was a real date!"
I hope all her future dates turn out to be this much fun and that every boy is as sweet,courteous and polite as Zach.

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