Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

For most Americans,today is a day off from work.Rich's company decided that today would be a good day to be open for a while,so he is working 9am-3pm. *sigh* We didn't get this news until last Friday because the boss couldn't decide if he should close or not. Since Rich delivers for a swimming pool company (no deliveries today) which also sells bars,saunas,patio furniture,pool tables and many other non-swimming pool related things,this is clearly a day to be open and ruin any chance of our family being together for a fun day of bonding. Someone might run in for that last minute chlorine, right?!

I sent my unhappy husband off to work and now it's time for Lillianna and I to plan our day. After a quick trip to the ATM and a fill up at the gas station,we are headed into town to the local college campus where there are activities for all ages, all day today. We will get there around 1pm for the 1st storyteller,then the magic show, then at 3pm is Lillianna's favorite; Big Ryan's Tall Tales. He entertained at Lillianna's 4th birthday. He is just captivating.
There is also a Festival of the arts for the kids and I think Lillianna will be able to make seashell jewelry.

Rich should be home by 4pm. After dinner we will head to the ball field for fireworks which start at 9:30pm. Lillianna is very excited and I am happy that we will at least have part of the day as a family. Last year I had to work until 9:30pm on the 4th of July so we weren't together at all. Tonight should be fun.


What are you doing to celebrate?

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