Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's that weird noise?'s me! At night,my throat makes this bizarre wheezing sound and wakes me up. The last time I had this I was convinced I had pneumonia but of course,it was just the stupid post nasal drip.

Instead of getting better,I've been getting worse in some ways. I'm sleeping less and less at night because of the gurgling-wheezing noise that startles me awake. Talking is impossible if I have to do it for more than 10 minutes. Both of my jobs require non stop talking so I have today and tomorrow to get well enough to work both jobs on Saturday. If I talk too long I go into a coughing fit that takes a cup of tea and a cough drop to fix before I can talk again. This is really crazy.

I called my manager last night and told him that I wasn't coming in today. Four hours of doing eye exams would've killed me. Plus,if you're the patient,do you really want me coughing all over you? I didn't think so.

Lillianna is having 3 of her friends sleep over tonight since they don't have school tomorrow. I'm not contagious so it should be fun for everyone. It's a pre-dude ranch sleep over since these are the girls going on the Brownie trip in June. We'll be making s'mores with the s'more maker which is a great invention if you don't mind spending 3 hours trying to melt a marshmallow with a light bulb!

If anyone has a magical home remedy to fix my post nasal drip other than my nasal spray and Robitussin which is what my doctor always recommends,please let me know!

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