Friday, April 06, 2007

Well.....I'm officially sick!

It's a good thing I went to the doctor today. I have an upper respiratory infection and an inner ear problem which is the cause of my dizziness. She put me on an antibiotic and cough pills that they call "beads." They do look like little gel beads but apparently they kick things into action. The doctor said they shouldn't make me tired but the pharmacist said they will definitely make me tired and I shouldn't drive while taking them. I guess I'll see how tired they make me and if it's really bad I'll try calling urgent care over the weekend and see what my options are.

The doctor said I should stay home from work tomorrow and then see how I'm feeling and determine whether I can manage work on Sunday. If I can't drive while on this med how the hell am I getting to work at 6:30am?????

I called my morning job and luckily there is only one doctor working and there are only 18 scheduled patients. Even with the usual 15 add ins on a Saturday,they will be okay with 4 technicians. I already called my coordinator and he said he won't need me. Now I don't have to feel guilty!

I called my other job and said I will not be in tomorrow but that I will call in the afternoon and let them know about Sunday. I just hope I feel 100% better and that I can work as scheduled. It's Easter. Who the heck will work if I don't???

I'm still nervous about the cough beads making me drowsy.Plus there's a huge notice on the bottle: DO NOT OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION! Well....let's just hope for the best,shall we?

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