Monday, April 02, 2007

I feel like the 7 dwarfs!

I'm definitely Grumpy,Sneezey and Dopey today but are Coughy and Laryngitisy dwarfs too? I'd go see Doc if we had health insurance but you know how that is.

I hate being sick. This damn post nasal drip makes me nuts! That's why I'm so Grumpy!! My ears and nose drip into my throat and irritate the hell out of it. I couldn't talk for the first hour this morning so I gestured a lot. Thank goodness Lillianna knows my thoughts without words.

I've had 5 cups of tea so far this morning. I might as well just drink them while sitting on the toilet since they make me pee a million times a day. I'm waiting for Rich to come home and bring me some soup so that I can have lunch.

I think I'm going to try to get away with not showering today. All I have to do is pick Lillianna up at school so she'll understand if I look like the mom from hell.

Last night,after Rich went out to do his internet radio show,I was in my jammies on my bed with a migraine. My throat kept dripping and I coughed so much I scared Lillianna. She wanted to know if she needed to call 911. I'll admit,I was not a pretty picture.

I put an ice pack on my head and waited for the aspirin to kick in. Then I went on the couch for the rest of the night.

Today,my ears are killing me and I think I'll go take my Robitussin and take a nap until my soup arrives.

I have no patience when I am sick!!!! I have stuff to do this week!!! I don't have time to be sick!!!

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