Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today,Lillianna and I are getting her hair cut and then going shopping for the matching pink camo lamp just like her comforter set and then......we will pick out some new unmentionables.

What are they? Well...if I wanted to tell you then I'd mention them but alas,they are called UNmentionables. The reality is,my nine year old,make that young lady,had decided that it's time to go bra shopping. I asked her what she was planning to put in the bra but I was answered with an eye roll and her arms folded in front of her.

Have I forgotten what it is like to be 9??? I always vowed to remember so I wouldn't be a stupid mom saying things that no kid wants to hear. "If your friend jumped off a roof top would you do it too?" I always hated that question as a kid and I want to be in tune with my daughter.

When I told Rich that we were going bra shopping,he nearly drove off the road on his way home from work. He laughed and said,"HA! For a minute I thought you said bra shopping. We must have a bad connection."

I said," heard me correctly." Long pause. I think he was trying to gain control of his car....and of his life. Good luck with that,buddy! We're on our way to puberty land and there is no turning back. In the next few years,we will realize that Linda Blair lives in our house. I pray she doesn't spew pea soup. What a mess that's gonna be!

So,wish me luck! This should be an interesting day!

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