Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Since I have been picking up more hours at the ophthalmology office,I decided to give in to wearing navy blue scrubs to work. This has been the dress code for the technicians for many years but since I was only there 8 hours a week,I didn't feel like investing in the outfit. We are also allowed to wear regular clothes if we want to which is what I've always done.

Saturday,I bought some scrubs and I wore them for the first time ever,yesterday. It's like going to work in my jammies!!! The down side is that I do look like a prison inmate in this boxy get-up but I'll give up style for comfort any day!

There is something to be said for wearing a uniform to work. I hate thinking of what to wear especially when I am working so much. I just don't have that many outfits right now so the scrubs make my life easier. I think I'm going to like this!

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? How did you feel about it?

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