Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just put it away!

I'll admit to being lazy at home and not wanting to clean on a daily basis. I grew up in a home that was immaculate. It was comfortable and always clean. It wasn't a "don't sit down on that!" kind of home. There was no plastic covering the furniture. It was lived in but spotless. Mom has always been great at keeping a home beautiful. I totally suck at this!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to gain control of the chaos. I hate walking through the front door into the living room and seeing Rich's jacket on the chair, Lillianna's jacket on the floor, Rich's toy soldiers on the coffee table next to Lillianna's dry erase markers and board. The dining room table is covered with lunch boxes and the day's mail. It makes me want to throw my lunch box on the table and drop my sweater wherever the hell I feel like it. Generally speaking,that's exactly what I do. If you can't beat 'em.....well you can beat 'em but I think it's abuse....join 'em,right?

So,about 2 weeks ago I did a fairly thorough cleaning. I found the top of my bureau which was a surprise since it had been covered with stuff:papers,pictures,disposable cameras,spare change.....crap in general! It was nice to see it again. I cleaned the living room,dining room and kitchen and bathroom and I was pleased with the results.

Somehow,and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular,the apartment got chaotic again. I had been picking up on a daily basis and it was going well. Everything was clean every day. It was a joy to come home to.

The problem is,this is a family project. I am not the maid and I do not want to be the only one straightening up every day. When Rich and Lil are too tired to clean up,it makes me tired too. So,tonight at dinner I will let them know that they have to get back on track again. I need to feel happy when I come home. I don't want to walk in the door,freak out at the mess and then turn around and bolt for the car to make a fast getaway!

How do you get your family to pick up after themselves??

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