Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A helpful tip for my husband

Why can't husbands put on a new roll of toilet paper when it needs to be changed? Huh????? Why???? I wanna know!

I had to pee really bad after dinner tonight so I ran into the bathroom. My bladder felt like it was going to burst. I kept putting off going to the bathroom 'cuz I was cleaning up so it was my fault for having to pee so urgently but hey,what can ya do?

So,there I am about to get comfy on the toilet when I notice two thin squares of toilet paper hanging from the roll. With no time to spare,I opened the closet and grabbed a new roll before I gave my bladder it's much needed relief.

I replaced the old roll with the new one and walked into the bedroom where Rich was sitting at the computer. I waved the cardboard roll with it's 2 squares hanging on for dear life.

"Just so ya know,Rich....two squares of toilet paper are NOT enough to dry a wet vagina!!" He was stunned. Then he laughed. He just hates the word vagina so I throw it in whenever I can.

Hopefully,this little lesson will remind him to replace an empty roll in the future although I don't expect much at this point in our marriage!

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