Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where did Nana say she was??

Yesterday Lillianna wanted to call my mom so I told her to try the house first. No answer. I told her to try my mom's cell. Now that she's in Florida for 6 months,she is up and out pretty early on most days. Lillianna's end of the conversation sounded like this,"Hi Nana....uh huh...uh huh....okay...bye."

My mom is known for not being on the phone with us for any long period of time. She'd rather have 3 short talks with us per day as opposed to one long one. I don't know why. Even this was unrealistically short for my mother so I asked Lillianna what she said.

With a perplexed look on her face she said,"Uhm.....I think she's boating!" I thought about that for a moment but it didn't sound right. Mom and John live right on the water but I didn't remember Mom saying she was going boating or who might have had a boat. I kept saying it in my head,"Boating....boating...." Then it hit me.

I looked at Lillianna and tried not to laugh as I asked,"Did she say she was boating or voting?"
Lillianna looked even more confused when she asked,"Why would she be voting?" I said,"Because it's Election Day."

Lillianna thought for a moment before she said,"Oh.....maybe she was voting and not boating." Then she just walked away.

If you don't have a child somewhere in your life....get one. They are so darn funny. Lillianna makes me laugh every single day.

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