Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Soup for breakfast

Well,I don't know how it happened,but I'm sick. I started to feel congested on Friday but I thought it would pass. I went to work Saturday and Sunday but I just felt worse. I probably drank 10 cups of tea on each shift because my throat was bothering me so much but the tea didn't help much.

The past two nights,I have slept sitting up. Last night I ended up going on the couch at 1:30am because my post nasal drip kept making me choke. At 2:00am I heated up a pot of homemade chicken soup that I made for dinner. At 5:00am,I finally fell asleep for an hour.

I checked my blood sugar at 7:00am which is supposed to be a fasting blood sugar but the best I could do was to not have eaten for 5 hours. I had another bowl of soup at 8:00am after Rich brought Lillianna to school.

Rich gave me a funny look as I sat curled up on the couch with my big bowl of soup. "Soup for breakfast?" he asked. I gave him a dirty look as I said in a raspy voice,"Ya...do you have a problem with that?....... It's the only thing that I can eat!"

I hate being sick and cranky.

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