Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Celebrity liars!

First it was Mel Gibson with his anti-Semitic remarks who claimed he was not prejudice. Then it was Michael Richards with his "N" word who claimed he was not a racist. Now it's Kelly Ripa attacking Clay Aiken and claiming she is not a homophobe.

I listened to the exchange between Kelly and Clay and I don't care what she says,that was a gay attack. Rosie O'Donnell said it was clear to her that it was about Clay being gay but Kelly said that when he covered her mouth and she said something about not knowing where his hand had been, it was just a reference to him shaking hands with people and possibly contracting the flu and then giving her the germs. Oh please! If that were the case,she would've said that! I never liked Kelly Ripa to begin with and now she has just confirmed that she's a petty,shallow bitch.

I'm really tired of these celebrities lashing out in anger at a particular group and then backtracking when they get negative feedback. I'm not perfect,but even in a fit of rage,I wouldn't say the things these celebrities have said because I don't feel that way. A person doesn't say the "N" word unless it's already in his head and he looks upon African-Americans as the "N" word.

I'd have more respect for these people if they'd just stop lying.....wouldn't you?
Their pitiful explanations are just lies and we all see right through them. I don't think I can listen to one more outburst followed by a lame apology. I'm just sick of it!

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