Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A beautiful beginning

Most love stories have such a beautiful beginning,"I saw her across a crowded room and our eyes met," or "There was an electricity between us...." or something romantic like that. Today I heard the most interesting beginning to a love story and I wanted to share it.

Today's episode of Judge Hatchett was about a paternity test. What else could it be about? Every court show or talk show is about,"I ain't that baby's daddy!" Use a condom,people...ok?

Anyway,Judge Hatchett asked the daddy in question how he met his ex-girlfriend. I think this is the most magical and romantic thing I have ever heard. He said,"Well,Judge,I was fresh out of prison when I went to my cousin's house and that's where I met her."

Confess,you're all jealous that your own love story doesn't start that way,aren't you? Don't be's only normal to be jealous!

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