Thursday, June 01, 2006

No more laughing! No more fun!

When we moved into this apartment complex 3 years ago,I was thrilled to have a beautiful pool for the summer. The rules of the pool were annoying and basically,they sucked the fun right out of everything.

Lillianna was just learning to swim properly,back then,so I brought a flutter board to the pool one day. I wanted to teach her to kick before moving her arms. As soon as we entered the pool area,the lifeguard informed me that unless it was a life saving device,we couldn't have the board in the pool. I was not happy.I learned to kick using a flutter board and it made it so much easier.....and fun!

I understand why we can't have rafts or inner tubes because they take up a lot of space and kids bump into people without thinking but we also can't have an inflatable beach ball even when we are the only ones in the pool. There have been days when Lillianna and I are alone in the pool for quite some time before anyone joins us but apparently,we still can't play ball.

Last year,kids were throwing in Barbie dolls or their swim goggles so that they could swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve them. All the kids like this type of diving. Since I am so clever,I bought Lillianna diving sticks for the pool this year.

Today was our first day at the pool. The boys who were there before we arrived also had diving rings and sticks. As soon as they went to dive for them,the new lifeguard said they couldn't have them in the pool. I was pissed!! What the f--- ?????? You just let the sticks drop to the bottom. There is no throwing involved so what's the big deal?

When we left the pool,I stopped into the office to ask about the diving sticks. We were allowed to have them last year so what's the big deal this year? I was told it was all about liability and some people throw the sticks instead of drop them. It didn't make any difference that I wasn't going to throw is no! then I was informed that other pools have even more strict rules than we do. In some pools,you can't splash.

How the heck do you kick your feet without a little tiny splash?? What's next? Maybe we will be invited to stand around the pool and just look at the water. That would be refreshing. We wouldn't want to make any ripples in the water....that could be so disturbing!

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