Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A light at the end of the poodle tunnel.

Well,I called my hair salon this morning. I told the receptionist that I wanted to come in today if Karen had some time for me. She has to watch me curl my hair and tell me what is wrong. I want pretty curls.

If I come back as a poodle in my next life,I will still hope for prettier hair! This is not a good look for me.....at all!

I am going in at 11:45am. Cross your fingers.

{Update: My hair looks great!....just like it did last Thursday when Karen colored and curled it. She watched me roll my hair and said I had a great rolling technique.
Before you even suggest it,no,I never had experience rolling anything else. I have always been drug-free,thank you very much.

Anyway,I learned a few new tips and I look forward to trying them tomorrow to see if I can duplicate my hair style. I stopped at CVS for a spray bottle and a huge mirror so that I can see the back of my hair. Maybe this will be the end of the poodle look for me. I sure do hope so!}

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