Sunday, June 11, 2006

At war with my perm

So I have had this perm for 13 days. I still don't love it. The curls haven't relaxed as all you well meaning supporters promised me. Nope....still curly as a poodle. My dreams of big bouncy curls is dead.....or is it?

Thursday,Karen colored my hair. I had to wait 10 days after the perm to have it colored and believe me,that was the longest 10 days of my life. Gray is not a pretty color on me. sure isn't.

After she colored it and dried it slightly with the blow dryer,we both looked in the mirror. I said,"I still hate it!" Karen sighed,"Me too." She whipped out some bristle rollers and proceeded to roll my hair in them. Lickety split quick and my hair was done. She popped me under the dryer and then sat me back in the chair. As she took the rollers out I think I heard a "BOING!" as each huge curl sprang to life.

Instead of tight,horrible curls,I had big,bouncy, boinging curls....just like I had asked for 10 days before. Karen and I were both overjoyed!!....Giddy even! It was a dream come true. She packed up the curlers in a bag and gave them to me to take home. She told me that I could curl my hair even when it was dry and I could have these beautiful curls. It was easy.

Into every light,a little dark must fall. Is that an actual saying or did I make that up??

Friday morning,I tried the curlers. When I took them out,my hair was ten feet high. I looked like a Minnesota pageant mom. You've seen them.You know what I mean. Lillianna had a horrified look on her face when she said,"I hope you're going to fix that before you come in for computers,Mom!" I had Rich drive her to school while I wet my hair down and let it poodle curl on it's own.That was the best I could do.

I've tried it several more times,each a different way,but it is still a disaster.
I ate dinner around 4:30pm and then tried the rollers again. This time,it curled...not like Karen had it on Thursday,but not so poodley. I pointed to my hair and said to Rich,"This is better,right?" He said,"Closer. You're getting closer."

I guess I'll try again tomorrow!!

{Ok....I have issues.....It's now 6:13pm and I have re-set my hair. Let's see if it curls correctly this time!!}

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