Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stressing about the shower

Kara's shower is only a few weeks away. I can say that here because she never reads my blog so I am safe!
I just worked for 2 1/2 hours on the scrap book I am making for her shower. I have some really cute pictures of Kara and Peter,especially the two pictures of their engagement. I put in her shower invitation and her "save the date" magnet for their wedding. In the back of the book,I will trim the pages so that people can leave a cute message for the couple at the shower.

Now I am totally stressing over next week. I have to make 65 chocolates for favors. It's a beautiful mold. It's an oval silhouette of a bride and groom which I make in white chocolate and the background is in milk chocolate. It's my favorite. One of the bridesmaids is coming next week to help me wrap and ribbon them so I have to be finished. Time is running out.

I also have to go clothes and shoe shopping for a shower outfit. How did I get so far behind??????

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