Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bathing suit shopping

Those 3 words will bring a groan from most women. No matter how thin or in shape a woman is,she always hates shopping for a bathing suit. That's just the way it goes.
My bathing suit is 2 years old and 50 pounds ago. I have worn it a couple of times in desperation since I couldn't find a new bathing suit that I liked. The other day, Rich said that my bathing suit didn't look great on me anymore and I knew he was right. It was just too big and I wasn't comfortable in it.

Yesterday,Lillianna and I headed out to Kohl's for a new bathing suit for both of us. She pointed to a 2-piece suit and I nearly choked. "Uhm....no,honey. Mommy doesn't wear anything like that." What was she thinking?

After looking on the racks and finding nothing I liked,I took a look at the 2-piece ones again. The top came all the way to the bottom and the bottom was kind of cute with a tiny little skirt. I hate the ones where the skirt is so damn long,I might as well swim in an evening gown. This skirt was short but it gave me some comfort so I sighed and brought it in the dressing room.

The top was pretty and I checked to see if any private parts were trying to escape. Nope.....it seemed safe. I loved the support it gave me since my old bathing suit is so stretched out,my boobs can touch my knees in that thing. Not a pretty sight. No it isn't! I took a deep breath and got the bottoms off the hanger. I slipped them on and they felt great. I dared to look in the mirror.

I had to smile. It looked great! It really did. Ok,my legs are jiggly and I really have to tone those things but I looked good. This fitted suit was so different from what I had been wearing and I was proud of myself. I've lost 50 1/2 pounds as of this morning and I have been exercising at the gym and swimming in the pool with Lillianna and I can see the difference. I really can.

Lillianna found 2 new bathing suits for herself so she was pleased with her purchase. We came home,changed into our new suits and went to the pool. It was a great day!

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