Saturday, April 02, 2005

I always knew I made the right choice

All this talk of marital problems with friends and co-workers has made me think of my wedding day. I always knew Rich was the person I was supposed to marry. I never had second thoughts or wondered if I was doing the right thing. We met,planned a wedding and got married.

Some people are now questioning their own marriages and relationships and more than one person has said that they wish they knew for sure if they were with the right person. Even with our separation,I always knew Rich was the guy for me. Too bad it took him a little bit longer to realize it but that's the way things go sometimes.

Around 3:00pm on my wedding day,my bridesmaids came to my house to finish getting ready. Sue,my MaryKay lady was doing my Mom's make-up at the dining room table but Mom was so stressed and nervous,her face kept blotching. Kara,Kristy and Liane were dressed in their beautiful gowns and chatting. I was still in my jeans and t-shirt from my last minute shopping trip and I was snacking on a Devil Dog. We had oodles of time. My hair had been done at 1:00pm. I was waiting for Sue to do my make-up and I was hungry. A Devil Dog seemed like a good choice.

My mom suddenly realized I was there and shrieked,"Why hasn't anyone dressed the bride????????" I just laughed. We weren't late. The photographer hadn't even arrived yet. What was Mom so worried about? I just looked at her and laughed,"Mom,why are you so stressed out?" She frowned at me and said,"What's the matter with you? Why aren't you nervous? You always panic. Why are you so calm today on a day when you should be nervous?"

I didn't even hesitate when I answered her. "Well, if I thought I was making a mistake and that Rich was the wrong person for me then I would be in a panic. But I know he's the right one and there's nothing for me to worry about," I replied as I popped the last bite of cake into my mouth. I kissed Mom's cheek and said,"If it makes you feel any better,I'll get dressed now."

How did you feel on your wedding day? Did you have doubts or were you absolutely sure you were doing the right thing?

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