Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How many televisions are too many?

Rich and I grew up in different types of families.
Rich was one of four children. His mom died when he was 4 years old. His siblings were 2,6 and 8 at the time. They were raised by their dad. There was one t.v. in the living room and I believe one in his dad's room and that was it. I guess whoever got there first could control what they watched but if their dad was there,obviously he was in complete control.

I was an only child until I was 11 1/2 years old. We had a t.v. in just about every room: my parent's room,my room,the living room and the kitchen. When my sister was 4 yrs old,she got a t.v. in her room. I never thought twice about this at all.

When we lived in the house we lived in before we moved to this apartment,we had a t.v. in the living room,our bedroom and Lillianna's play room which was right off the living room. Rich thought that was fine because it wasn't in Lillianna's bedroom.

When Lillianna and I were in Florida visiting my mom and John this past December, John said he had won a t.v. and he wanted to give it to Lillianna for her bedroom.
I didn't see anything wrong with that so I said yes. When I told Rich,he was less than pleased. I assured him we would have rules. Lillianna won't be able to watch it in bed to go to sleep unless she was on vacation or it was a weekend. I do that all the time. It helps me relax. This t.v. is for her to watch if Rich and I are each watching something on the other t.v.s and she really wants to watch something else. I don't have any problems with this because it's what I grew up with.

How many t.v.s do you have? Is there one in your child's room?

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